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    Reg. Occured an error with CountD, CASE & IF Stmt

    Tejaswi Goda

      Hello All,


      Need small suggestion or give me some idea.


      • Their is a string column name "[ABCCOL]" where it contains 0(Zero) & some values(say 123ABC) values & "[DATECOLUMN]" in Database
      • We need CountD([ABCCOL]). I created in Calculated Field name CALC1. and Calculation is Correct..
      • Now I have to use this, in CASE statement along with IF condition,

      It is like :

      CASE [<<EXP>>]

           When 'VALUE1' then

                     If [DATECOLUMN]< Today() AND [DATECOLUMN]> DATETRUNC('year',Today()) then [CALC1] else 0 end

           When VALUE2' then

                     If [DATECOLUMN]< Today() AND[DATECOLUMN]> (Today()-30) then [CALC1] else 0 end



      After creating this CASE statement, I am getting an Error like "CANNOT USE 'NULL' TYPE IN 'CASE' EXPRESSION".


      Any Explanation please, regarding this Error..


      Waiting for your Valuable Response.


      Thanks & Regards,