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    Users can't interact with workbook dimensions/measures

    Patrick Rooney

      Hi, I'm a Tableau server newbie.  I published a workbook from my desktop (Windows 7, Tableau 8.1) to our Tableau server (Windows server 2012, Tableau version 8.2.0).  My end user can see a particular view/worksheet as a static display, but can't interact with the dimensions and measures as I can.


      I assigned the end user the license  level "interactor."  I checked the permissions for the workbook and the "All Users" permissions for Interactors appears as follows:


      I notice that when I go to the workbook link, I can see an "Edit" link that when I click I can get to the workbook and interact with the data, but my end user does not see that "Edit" link that I can:



      do end users have to click on the "edit" link in order to interact with the data?


      any clues to help diagnose this problem are greatly appreciated!