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    Data Source Connections

    divya b c

      I have 10 different data sources used by my workbook. When i move to production, i have to change the connections for all the 10 data sources manually  which is time consuming and also lot of confusion. Is there any way to achieve this.

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          Hi Divya,


          In a Project num of data connections are limited.So After moving the workbooks to production,Go to Admin Tab->choose data connections and u are able to see the list of connections and below search option .Enter the each server name and its details and choose search,u are able to see all the workbooks used this connection.Select all workbooks and by using the edit option u can able to replace the dev server details with production server details.


          Search by Connection Attributes
          Server Port



          If you have 10 data connections in your project.you  have to do this only 10 times.Its not at all laborious work.


          I hope it will helpful to you




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            Zion Spencer


            Here is a tool that could speed up the time associated with this process: Power Tools For Tableau.  (Enterprise Deployment Tool).  You can fill out a form on the website if you would like to get more information on this tool.