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    Conversion Rate as a Metric

    Sabrina Matrullo

      Hey All,



      Kind of new to Tableau so sorry for the newbie question : )



      B and A being two different URLs, I'm trying to define a Conversion Rate From A to B as a Metric through the calculated field feature.


      I managed to calculate this Conversion Rate already through the "Table Calculation" feature, but I would like to have this Metric in my "Measures" tab to be able to use it in a more flexible way.


      My data set looks like this:

      DateMarketing TypeDevice typeFunnel stepNumber of Visits


      My approach was to first define Conversions as Metrics, through the "Calculated Field" feature, following this formula:

      Conversions to aaa = IF [Funnel step] = "aaa" THEN [Number of Visits] END

      Conversions to bbb= IF [Funnel step] = "bbb" THEN [Number of Visits] END


      Which plainly worked.


      Then I tried something like:


      Conversion Rate From aaa to bbb = Conversions to bbb / Conversions to aaa


      Which does not work at all - always NULL, as I guess,  ([Funnel step] = "aaa" and  [Funnel step] = "bbb") is never TRUE.... 


      I guess I need to use some aggregation function here, but I don't know how to.


      Any idea someone ?


      Many thanks



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          Steve Martin

          Hi Sabrina,


          Looks like you may just need to be wrapping your measure into Sum() functions so:


          Conversions to aaa = IF [Funnel step] = "aaa" THEN [Number of Visits] END


          Conversions to aaa = IF [Funnel step] = "aaa" THEN Sum([Number of Visits]) END



          Please can you upload your workbook so we can see where you are at so far.

          nb For the future, always try to upload a packaged workbook (.twbx) file pref using Superstore Sales then we get on it a lot quicker.