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    Custom Geocoding: Adding a Role

    Kevin Doherty

      I am hoping to get some input on how to setup adding a new role to the existing Geocode hierarchy in Tableau.


      For example the existing Tableau hierarchy goes from Country to State. I have a table with a value for Sub-Region. This would fall in between the Country and State. So NJ/NY would roll to Northeast.


      I was trying to follow the below link..


      Adding New Roles


      I created a CSV file with Country (Name), Sub-Region, State. Do I need to add the Longitude/Latitude to this as it should be just by the State.


      Is this type of request considered under the Custom Geocode examples?


      Any input would be appreciated!

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          Ben Neville

          If your Sub-Regions are divided by State, you shouldn't need to have lat/long, as States have their own inherent, recognized lat/longs.


          You should just be able to add the Sub-Region column to your data and color/total by this dimension.

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            Kevin Doherty

            Our Sub-Regions dimension doesn't have State, it goes from Sub-Regions to Sites. A Site could be one or more cities, for instance we have a Site OPS which is Orange County, Palo Veres and San Diege in California.


            So I was trying to have the GeoCode show the breakout by State which is why I was initially creating the file. To map the States to the applicable Sub-Region so someone can report to the Sub-Region level and show the States on the map.