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    One Click Underlying Data

    Ian Metz

      Hello, we have users that are asking if it is possible to have a one click option to download the underlying data for specific data. We have a Dashboard that has multiple work sheets on it. Each worksheet has a different data source. Is there a way to have a Action or something that can be clicked and tableau would download the underlying data for that chart? I have already looked at the amazing information located here. But as far as i can tell this just downloads the data on the sheet not the underlying. This doesn't work for us because we have more then 16 columns and the data begins to look bad in a cross tab.....

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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Ian -


          Sounds like your users are Excel-addicted?


          This is a pretty common request from people who haven't made the mental shift away from "drop everything in Excel". However, Tableau isn't really built to be a "poor man's ETL tool", ...so data dumping doesn't get tons of love.


          Anyway, short answer is "No". The user would need to "View Data" and then choose to save as CSV.


          If you embed Tableau inside a web page, you could use Tableau's JavaScript API to launch the "Save Data"dialog one way or the other (example: World Development Reader : Click the "sprocket" at the bottom of the page and then choose the first button on the menu).


          Essentially, your users are going to be fighting the intended behavior of Tableau - to do analysis inside Tableau itself rather than use it as a tool to choose & dump data fields from.


          Sorry and hope that helps a wee bit?

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            Ian Metz

            Thank you for the quick reply. I figured this was the answer and the users will just have to live with it. Thank you for the information/confirmation/proof.