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    Worksheets and Data Sources

    Matt Clarkin


      I recently took over a Tableau workbook from a co-worker and there 12 data connections and about 70 sheets.  It's kind of a mess and i want to go through and clean up a lot of this.  At first glance it looks like 4 or 5 of the data connections can be combined.  My question is...is there an easy to see what work sheets belong to what data connection, without have to go through all 70 plus sheets?

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          vikram bandarupalli

          Hi Matt,


          In my opinion, if you have access to the tableau's postgres database you can create a workbook which can give you the information. I did a quick join of the audit tables and was able to locate the information you're looking for.


          Tables you would need:

          - Data_connection

          - _workbooks



          You can inner join data_connection, _workbooks & _views on  'owner_id'. This way, you can tie what views are based of which data connections.


          Hope this helps.



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