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    Row/Column Level Amounts

    Erin Gehn

      Is there a way to get more than 16 rows/columns per workbook?

      The attached screenshot is what I am able to manipulate, but nothing above 16 is able to be typed in.


      ANY feedback is helpful!

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          Michel Caissie

          Depending on the view you are looking for , you can always concatenate multiple dimensions in a single one.


          Ex: create a calculated field  [Customer]   that would be  [CustomerID] + '  '+ [CustomerName]



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            Erin Gehn

            Tableau concatenates the fields automatically if you have over 16 columns.

            But thank you for your feedback!

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              Aaron Clancy

              If you need more than 16 columns for a header then you're making a report.  That's not what Tableau is for.

              Are you trying to get down to the row level detail?  If so, is it acceptable to have the user "view underlying data" of whatever subset you are concerned with?


              Or are you actually looking to see aggregates that go down more than 16 levels but not down to the record level?

              (This would be a very unusual use case in my experience)


              There is a hacky work around where you can use measures as placeholders for each dimension which would allow you to go over 16 but this would take you a VERY long time to implement and would be a giant pain to maintain. 

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                Erin Gehn

                From what I understand, our initial goal within Tableau is to import our smaller data files. Beyond that, we plan to create dashboards to illustrate patterns and trends from these centralized data files. Thus, what we are initially creating will be the underlying data fairly soon.

                That is all I am aware of currently.