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    Comparing string over 2 data sources

    Ben Shirley

      I have 2 data sources where all the headings and values are the same, one is the live document the other is an archive document.

      Date moves from one to the other as items get archived.


      Now i want to compare string values of fields from one doc against the next, and then list all values, The ones just on Doc A, the ones just on Doc B and the ones on Both Docs.


      Then i created a count for them, to give a status.


      Attached you will find 2 sample excel docs and a sample twb.


      I have created the CF`s that i thought would work, i tried to make a combined title CF, but it fails.
      So i am just using the title listing from 1 doc, you will see that the WIP status seems to work fine over the 2 sources, its only when the info exists on Doc-B and not on Doc-A (Thunder Cats) that it just blanks the data.


      Please help.