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    What is the Logic involved in Show Me ?

    madala krishna

      Hi, Can anyone of you please explain the logic involved in "Show Me"

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          Ganesh K

          Hi Madala krishna,


          "Show Me" Option works on "Automatic" logic!


          Why its Automatic?

          To create a visualization all that needs to be done is highlight the dimensions and measures to display by clicking on them while holding the ctrl key, click the Show Me! button and you have a visualization.


          If you have bar chart by default, after dragging dimension and measures manually , can see alternative views that are available for selected data in "Show Me" and just you can click which ever view that suits your data.


          Here is the link of more about "Show Me" Using Automatic Show Me | Tableau Software



          Ganesh K

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            Sandeep Das

            It is a feature of Tableau which will help user to understand different basic presentation can be possible and what is the basic requirement for those graphs. You can also select measures  and dimensions using control key and tableau will show you possible graphs u can choose.

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              madala krishna


              Thanks for giving reply with valuable answers.



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                Noah Salvaterra

                If you are asking, what is show me for, I think of show me as serving 2 purposes:


                1. It helps new users to get the hang of how to arrange pills to get various simple charts (and switching between them).
                2. More experienced users can still find some utility in show me, for creating charts like bullet and box and whiskers quickly (i.e. with fewer clicks).


                I've never been a heavy user of this button personally. I like to fine tune my work and when steps are skipped it takes longer to catch up with exactly what is going on. I'd compare this to making changes to a program, it is a lot easier when you wrote the original code yourself. That said, I'm a big fan of any tools that help people learn.


                Does that answer your question, or did you mean something else, like something to do with the layout or functionality?