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    Tableau Desktop issue : Maps not loading (for 25+ users)




      Yesterday and Today, 25+ users (those who were trying to use yesterday, but there will be more ) are facing the issue while trying to build Workbooks/Dashboards using Maps on Tableau Desktop. It looks something like below :


      I have sent this to Tableau support last evening, but haven't heard back today yet. So I am hoping that if someone else is facing the issue I might get an answer sooner here.

      I found this in forum : Map is not loading


      "Hi All,


      The map servers are currently not working in full capacity. Our third party map service has assured us they are working on a resolution, however, there currently is no ETA of when it will be fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience! I will let you know when I know that it is back up!





      If this is Third party map service problem, does Tableau send a notification out to users explaining and making users aware ?


      Strangely, this problem is not happening for users accessing the Dashboards with Maps on Tableau Server via Web or Mobile.


      So if something like this happens is there any workaround ? I would appreciate if anyone can kindly let me know if someone has seen this and what steps have been taken to take care of this. Thanks.









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          Noah Salvaterra

          Try using offline maps. It may be a network issue (firewall, proxy, etc).




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            Yes Noah, thanks for your response, we are doing that now. So for now we have informed users to use offline maps to develop and then have the report writers publish to Server for other users to see.

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              Noah Salvaterra

              Oh, I see, I misunderstood the question. You're looking for alerting when this happens. I've never understood why maps wouldn't just revert to the offline copy when the online version fails. That seems preferable to an hourglass.


              allan.walker.0 may have an idea on this. I don't have any ideas.



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                Hi Noah & Santosh,


                It looks like from the above pictures that the connection to the original 3rd party mapping providers, Urbanmapping.com is being "laggy".  That's not the only issue: try zooming in to street level, and instead of the hourglass, you'll get a red "x".


                I'd recommend using Tableau version 8.2 as then you'll be able to make use of Tableau's own mapping servers that were made beautiful by the folks at Stamen Design.


                However, you still have other options.  If you want offline mapping, you may want to consider building a WMS server on your local machine for development purposes.  But, for production and publishing; as you have 25+ users, this would still have to be networked, but the advantage is it would be under your control (and you could style the maps and layers as you wish).


                Another option would be (if you are scaling to the enterprise level) is to contract with The Information Lab who use Mapbox and styling/layers with TileMill2.


                Or, you could try some of my custom TMS files I've published (ESRI), (Stamen and OSM) but you'll need to know how to hack your workbooks.


                A more complex option would be to cache your own tiles for offline use, and build your own TMS.  This is a debatable practice, and in reality, only OpenStreetMap (Mapnik) tiles are really the only option here; most tile server providers don't condone this practice.

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                  We are on 8.1.6 Desktop client, we quickly tested 8.1.8 Desktop client and it worked fine. Then one of us tested 8.2 Desktop and maps failed to load again. Basically we were opening a sample workbook that comes shipped with Tableau Desktop while checking on 8.2 Desktop, so that led us to dig deep


                  It turned out to be a proxy issue and we were able to figure out and fix it. Tableau recommended upgrading but we wanted to know and avoid any such situations in future and needed to know what changed and interestingly we found we had a new proxy which caused this maps blackout abruptly. Now with an implemented change and that fixing this issue, we are good to go.


                  Thanks Allan Walker and Noah for your responses and inputs. Allan you laid out some good options, appreciate that and worth considering as offline/fallback option for critical cases. For us it wasnt so much and we could sustain few days of Desktop failure due to workaround of offline maps. The Tableau Server was not affected and that was a big relief, so a bigger group of web interactor users were fine. It could have been a more burning situation if Server interactors were affected. Hope it is of use for someone who might read this and if it aint their proxy issue thats failing to load maps, they might look for options mentioned by Allan here.

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