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    Urbanization of China

    Mark Jackson
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          Carlos Flores

          your trend page blew me away, i love the presentation.


          Also love the way you compare it with other cities, im going to be downloading this!

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            Joshua Milligan



            I really liked this example of storytelling.  The first two story points especially have some outstanding techniques for telling the story.  Having the user interact with the slider to build up to the big-reveal at the end was a really neat experience.


            The second dashboard is very compelling.  Visually, it is very well done. The only thing that confused me is that it is labeled "Growth Rate", but I think the percents are just the percent of urbanization, right?  I mean, Japan does not have a 93% growth rate.  The rate, I believe, would be the percent increase or slope of the lines on the right.  That would have been a very interesting addition.  Nevertheless, it was very compelling.  The gray / white with red was a very good choice and the country name / shape / and text that appear on selection of a country bar are stunning in appearance.


            The rest of the story points definitely complete the story and do so well.


            Great job Mark!




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              Mark Jackson

              Thanks Joshua! Good point about the "growth rate" title.




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                Eric Chen

                A beautiful Viz! Great use of story points to add more context to the data!