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    Query about displaying teaching evaluation questionnaire data


      Hi there,


      I am working on using Tableau to display scores of my university's teaching evaluation scores. There are 19 teaching evaluation items. The main purpose is to compare the instructor scores (average score for each of the 19 items, as well as an overall average) with the department average.


      I have managed this by creating tables wherein each of the 19 items appears under measure values (see screenshot attached). I inputted the "Measure Values" variable as a Text under the "Marks" section. The dashboard contains various tables from separate worksheets - either filtered by instructor or by department. This works alright when they are all put together into the dashboard but ideally I want to be able to compare the teaching scores for instructor vs department (filter these measures (teaching eval scores) separately by instructor and department) within the one figure.







      Teaching evaluation questions (Q1, Q2... i.e., 19 separate variables).


      Ideally we would be able to display the instructor-level scores with the department-level scores in the one figure (a line graph). This would require applying two separate dimension variables as filters to duplicates of the teaching evaluation scores (e.g., one column displaying the teaching evaluation scores for instructor (filtered for instructor, showing just a single instructor) and an adjacent column in the same table showing teaching evaluation scores for the department overall (filtered for one department, using the department variable).


      If anyone can offer any advice toward solving these issues, that would be immensely appreciated!