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    Is it possible to draw line chart without breaking for a string dimension?

    Gautam S



      I am using Tableau 8.1.4.

      I have the following fields

      1) AgeGroup - String  - values as - <25,25-29,30-34,>34

      2) Plan- String  - A,B,C

      I have this field as given below

      Dimension3 - which is a combined of AgeGroup and Plan for e.g A <25,B  30-34 etc

      3) Measure1 - Amount -Continuous

      4) Year as Dimension for e.g 2012,2013,2014 etc  The year field is dragged to the Color shelf to separate the years.


      I need to draw a Line chart as follows : In columns : Dimension3 and in rows : Sum(Measure1)


      For some cases of Dimension 3 there is no value of Measure1 for year 2013. So what happens is that the line chart breaks for Year 2013. As a result , the points don't connect together. Kindly find attached screenshot showing the problem we are facing. How to connect all the lines together even when there is no data.