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    FIFA World Cup 2014 - Analysis

    L B



      I created this Viz for the World Cup and I would like to get your feedback around how to make this more visually appealing






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          Carlos Flores



          I also made a worldcup VIZ, and i find yours AMAZING!!! i really want to learn how to do something like yours.


          I really like the insights yours gives and ****, im glad i saw this


          I do have a couple of questions on how to do things, for compare counties how did you get the values to change based on dropdown? might be overthinking this



          and metircs corelations, how did you get those dropdowns to change the axis values?


          Im all about learning! and this is gorgeous

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            L B

            Hi Carlos,


            I am glad you like it.

            Feel free to download the viz from Tableau Public to see how I did what I did.


            I really think there might be a better way to do what I did. I had to create a sheet for each of the little snippets on the field because each is being ranked separately.

            Let me know if you have any questions once you download the workbook


            Have fun.

            BTW, did you see the Metric Co relation tab. really insightful



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              Carlos Flores

              i am going to spend the next few days breaking ur Dashboard apart

              and yes i enjoyed it alot!! and im already thinking of ways of doing things, but i need to learn more about parameters, so this is great!


              have a good week