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        shohreh sahebi


        As i mentioned before in my recent posts, I have the problem with the import geocoding file.

        I send my shape files and i hope the expertise people in this community could help me to import this geocoding file in to the tableau. For my country Iran only province exist  in tableau software and the hierarchy administrative areas in my country are : Country-Province-County-District-villages(Rural District)

        i want to import only one province(Yazd Province)


        Thank you

        Richard Leeke

        Shawn Wallwork

        • 106. Re: Map Utility Downloads
          Shawn Wallwork

          I'm not seeing a file  attached to your post. Please attach your file. Thanks.



          • 107. Re: Map Utility Downloads
            shohreh sahebi

            Thank you so much

            Dropbox - Yazd

            you can download my shape files from the link above

            • 108. Re: Map Utility Downloads
              Shawn Wallwork

              I haven't used WinZip in years. Please just post the .shp files without zipping them. They're not that big.



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                shohreh sahebi

                i don't know how can i upload shape files here. therefore i send you another dropbox link


                thank you so much

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                  Shawn Wallwork

                  Richard Leeke this ones all yours.

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                    Richard Leeke

                    I'll try to take a look this evening.


                    You mentioned that you had been having some issues and that you have posted about that recently. Can you post a link to your other post(s) (or explain what the problem you are having is). I couldn't find anything when I looked for recent posts of yours.

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                      shohreh sahebi

                      sorry for delay

                      my previous post on june 2016


                        Hello Richard I have a rare problem. When I import my csv file into tableau I get this error: Error reading from the file Porirua_Meshblock.csv: Invalid separator '٫' The table "[TableauTemp].[Porirua_Meshblock#csv]" does not exist. Unable to connect to the file "". Check that the file exists and that you have sufficient access privileges for it.I have this problem for all files even your yml file


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                        shohreh sahebi

                        and you answered me:


                          Ho Shohreh That sounds like an issue caused by international settings. I'm afraid these utilities don't handle international settings properly, so you will have to set your machine to US or UK settings (or at least a country for which the comma is the separator in a CSV file). You can just make that change temporarily while you run the utilities. I did write up detailed instructions about that when I first wrote these - I think it's covered in the documentation - otherwise very early in the "Grow Your Own Filled Maps" thread. Failing that, you could look for Robert Mundigl's documentation describing how to use it on Clearly and Simply - I know Robert ran into this because he is German and so had different country settings. He wrote a very clear step-by-step guide about it.
                          but i have this problem to all files and my tableau set on US setting


                        • 114. Re: Map Utility Downloads
                          Richard Leeke

                          Ah yes, I remember that question now. Sorry to hear that is still unresolved.


                          I started having a look at your files yesterday but got diverted and haven't found time to get back to it yet. I've got an hour on a plane this afternoon, so I'll try to look then.


                          I at least got as far as checking that all 3 of the shape files you posted are readable, so it should be easy for me to import the shapes. Much harder to work out why it doesn't work on your machine, but I should be able to supply you with a packaged workbook that you can work with. What release of Tableau are you running (just so that I don't send you a packaged workbook that you can't read). I'll send a 9.3 format one unless you specifically need it to be in an older format.


                          By the way - the .rar format (compressing all the files that make up the 'shape' file) which you originally posted gave me what I needed. Just using the .shp files (as Shawn requested) wouldn't work because several of the files are needed in order to do anything with them.

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                            shohreh sahebi

                            A thousand times thank you. I use tableau 9.3 too.

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                              Richard Leeke

                              Well I managed to get two of the three shape files working: County_Yazd and Villages_Taft worked fine. Unfortunately District_Taft gave some errors about the character encodings used in the file and the resulting imported custom geocoding just showed everything as '????" characters and couldn't resolve which was which.

                              Inspecting the contents of the file with the tabgeohack --info command also showed that the fields couldn't be interpreted - and unfortunately that is way down in the spatial library utilities I am using, so that is outside my control. Look at what is displayed for BAKHSH and Markaz below.


                              I did have a go at sorting this issue out a few years ago when I wrote the utilities, but it was beyond me. So unless you can find another source for that data that uses a different encoding I'm afraid I can't help with that. Otherwise you'll just have to wait until Tableau adds native support for shapefiles - which is something they have announced and I know they are working on, but I have no idea when that will be released. I'm pretty confident that that will handle the encoding properly.


                              So I've attached a packaged workbook containing three sheets, each of which is based on the list of features contained in one of the shape files (tabgeohack exports those as a CSV file). I've set the geographic roles for the relevant fields and drawn maps for the two that worked.

                              Dashboard 1.png


                              If you open that workbook and add in whatever of your data sources you want to use the geocoding against you should be able to assign appropriate geographic roles. That will pick up the custom geocoding I've imported. I created the following roles:



                              • County Code
                              • County Name


                              District (though this didn't work):

                              • BAKHSH



                              • Village Code
                              • Village Name


                              I've also attached the YAML file which defines what tabgeohack needs to do in case that helps you get it going for yourself.


                              Let me know how you get on and if you need any more help integrating your data into the workbook.



                              • 117. Re: Map Utility Downloads
                                shohreh sahebi


                                Thank you so much for doing this, i'm really excited.

                                yes you're right. it's my fault, the fields of districts are in Persian and i forgot to translate these.

                                I can’t thank you enough

                                • 118. Re: Map Utility Downloads
                                  Richard Leeke

                                  I had a quick go with the new District files you uploaded and still seem to be getting the same issue. I'll have another look later and post more details.


                                  In the meantime, I did figure out a way to get the shapes in - there's an option I forgot about in tabgeohack to generate a unique ID for each feature. So in the attached version the 3 districts are just numbered 0, 1, and 2. So you could just add a translation column to your data source.


                                  • 119. Re: Map Utility Downloads
                                    Richard Leeke

                                    I had another look and I can see that you have added a translated District field (see below), so I'll regenerate the packaged workbook for you including that. I'll try to get that done this evening (9am in New Zealand at the moment and I need to be working!).


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