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    Unique ways to Present Qualitative Financial Characteristics and Data

    Bettina McKinnon

      My Team has several existing financial Tableau dashboards, but they all seem to have the common theme of pie charts, bar graphs and simple tables.  Therefore, I am tasked with considering where enhancements can be made specific to using more customized, non-traditional charts and graphs to display qualitative data.  Can anyone share examples of how they have created unique views of qualitative financial data using more advanced or customized dashboards so that I can get some ideas of how to differentiate our visuals.  Specifically, I want to consider other ways to :

      • Incorporating non-standard/non-traditional graphs, charts, and visuals (visuals other than pie charts, tables, bar graphs, etc.) to report qualitative financial characteristics
      • Communicating governance, accounting standards and policy-type information
      • Presenting Financial reporting, audit, and other metrics (quantitative and qualitative)


      Any insight, suggestions or examples would be appreciated.