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    Tableau Server Backup file size

    Lindsey Abot

      Hi all,


      I'm trying to get an idea around size of server backup file to determine disk size requirement. Appreciate all the help!



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          Vien Hua

          Hi Lindsey,


          This could be a tricky one to answer. The backup file that is created using "tabadmin backup" is essentially a zip of C:\ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server\data\tabsvc (Tableau Server/worker with data engine process).


          If you check out the size of the tabsvc folder on the file system, the backup file can be anything up to that amount, but should not be more since the .tsbak file is compressed. For example, my tabsvc folder is 9.66 GB while the .tsbak file is 4.14 GB, so roughly 58% compression. If you're worried about disk space, you can also use the -t parameter to specify the location of the saved file: http://onlinehelp.tableausoftware.com/current/server/en-us/help.htm#db_backup.htm


          Let me know if there are questions!



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            Lindsey Abot

            Hi Vien,


            Thank you so much for your reply. Definitely helpful!


            I'm also hoping to hear from others if they are also experiencing roughly the same compression rate.


            Thank you again!




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              vikram bandarupalli

              Hi Lindsey,


              Backup's can take some large storage depending on how big your environment is/gets. As Vien mentioned, it's relatively hard to guess but we can estimate based on these guidelines but not limited to these,


              1) How frequently are you backing up( every week, month etc). Based on this, the size of the environment could be blowing up and the log size could be increasing as well.

              2) Do you guys have large extracts being published to server?

              3) How big are these extracts.

              4) How many users are publishing content? If you have large user group who are publishing content, then you need large disk space for operational and backup

              5) How many days, weeks worth of backup do you actually require to restore in case of recovery? If you need to maintain just last X weeks of backup delete the old periodically.


              Our backup's were about 40GB/weekly and we have about 700GB for organic growth. Not really sure on how tableau handles the compression.


              Hope this helps.

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                Toby Erkson

                In one zip file I checked one folder and it was 30% compressed; another folder in the same zip file was %41 compacted.  My server keeps the last 183 days (I think that's the default setting).  I also backup the logs files, which is a separate zip file.  My last backup was July 1st and the server file was 5.12GB, the log file 1.29GB.  Here's what's in our production server:

                1901 users though concurrency is very low, maybe a handful of people at any given time and that includes me.  There's probably a hundred or so users that have permission but have yet to even log in once!


                The OS is kept on the C: drive and all other applications, including Tableau stuff, is on the D: drive.  The application (D:) drive is 169GB and 91.2GB is in use.  I currently have three months backed up on the application drive.  I do an automated backup on the 1st of the month though it's redundant as the server itself is backed up nightly.  Looking at the Task Manager log history, the last backup took a total of 13 minutes and 26 seconds.


                There's no formula I know of because of the variables mentioned above.  Unless someone from Tableau can step in and comment I doubt you'll get any concrete answer, just personal experience that will greatly vary amongst admins.

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                  Lindsey Abot

                  Thank you so much Toby, Vikram and Vien for the insights! Much appreciated! 

                  Vien Hua Toby Erkson Vikram Bandarupalli

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                    Is there any formal documentation from Tableau as to how much compression do they provide when the back up is run using tabadmin?

                    Kiyoshi Jonest