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    Hiding measures but highlighting dimensions

    Alan Newman



      Not sure if the title reflects the problem but here goes....


      To illustrate the problem I've attached a very, very simple example workbook.


      The database records how much money four people spend on curry and beer each month (the names have been changed to protect the innocent)


      The workbook aggregates the spend over the year and I've used a formula to highlight rows where the spend is too high for a healthy lifestyle:



          ATTR([product])='Beer' and sum(cost) > 500


          ATTR([product])='Curry' and sum(cost) > 100







      But what I need to show is simply the four names and highlight the ones with either a curry problem OR a drink problem.


      If I remove the product from the shelf then the ATTR part of the formula will return * and the lines all go green.


      I need 4 names; John in red (eats too much curry) and Mary in red (drinks too much) and Dave and Sarah both in green. I don't want to see any other detail.


      Although this is a silly example it reflects what we want to show on a dashboard:


      If an area is failing to meet any one of the many Safety KPIs then it goes red. We can then click on it to see the detail.


      Hope this is clear


      Any help would be appreciated