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    Filter Date based on Measure

    astha dubey


      I have a date dimension and I want to make available only dates which satisfies a criteria based on measure (calculated field).


      For eg suppose I have dates for a year but in filter I want to get those dates which satisfies measure > 5


      How to achieve it in Tableau ?

      Kindly help



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          astha dubey

          Thanks Tom W, but i was looking for something else. I am looking for a customized filter which acts like by all in other dimension  in Cloud BI. Basically i am looking for something similar to the TOTAL function but the TOTAL function should be applicable only on selective dimensions.Below is a scenario which would explain it in detail


          Dimensions:Media Channel,Media Type,Campaign, Ad Type,Date

          Measure: Spend

          Calculated field: Total Spend(using the TOTAL function: IFNULL(TOTAL(SUM(Spend)),0 ))

          But i want to display only those dates(dimension) which have Total Spend(calculated measure)>0 values for a particular dimension.say,Media Type.

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            Tom W

            It's not entirely clear based on your scenario but this might help. Why not drag the Total Spend onto the filters shelf and make it > 0 then pull Media Type dimension onto the filter shelf as well.


            You should upload a Tableau Packaged workbook so we can help you further.