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    Need Help Configuring Tableau Server with a F5 Load Balancer

    Mike Partridge


      We have a Tableau Server cluster in our corporate DMZ which is fronted by a F5 load balancer. I have configured the primary Tableau Server (which runs the gateway) to use SSL (HTTPS port 443). The F5 is set to redirect to the primary Tableau server.


      I have followed all the steps in this article:



      However when browsing to the external URL something does not work and the web page cannot display (just a generic "cannot display web page" error).


      When browsing to the Tableau Server cluster on the corporate network (not through the external URL) the cluster can be seen as operational with all processes working. We are running a 3-node cluster - 1 primary server with 2 worker servers.


      Any ideas on how this can be fixed?