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    Adding multiple files in UNC path in tableau URL actions

    bharathan s

      Hello All,


      I am creating a dashboard where I need to link every artist with an audio file. The rows consists of artists name and there are multiple rows for the same artist with different songs. For E.g Artist A will have 3 songs associated with him and i want to play all songs as a playlist but another artist (say Artist B) will just have 1 song. All files are saved in the local drive.

      Here , i am able to play only 1 song per artist and not able to aggregate multiple songs.


      Table format:

      artist A > song 1

      artist B > song11

      artist A >song 2

      artist A> song 3


      Now if i select artist A, i want all 3 songs to be played as a playlist back to back  in vlc ... is it possible to do in tableau?