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    Export Dashboards to PowerPoint

    Cathy Bridges

      I've read the articles about using LiveWeb and VBA to embed a dashboard into a PowerPoint Presentation.


      However, I need to embed just the image of my dashboards into PowerPoint - no interactivity, just a snapshot of dashboards frozen in time.


      I know I can export my workbooks as pdf, but I'm not sure if/how I can get those pdf images into PowerPoint.


      This is a point of frustration for myself and my boss, and it seems like such a simple thing.


      I need to update the data in my workbook, and then incorporate my dashboards as static images in PowerPoint.


      Right now, I have to do that by taking a screenshot of each dashboard, then crop and re-size it to fit the PowerPoint slide.


      I need a way to streamline/automate this process. It's taking so much time that my boss is no longer sure Tableau will work for us.


      I think there has to be a way. Tableau is too awesome to be rendered useless for us by such a trivial hurdle.


      If anyone has suggestions, I certainly welcome them!

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