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    How to color a calendar correctly?

    Adam Markon

      My team is currently developing a dashboard for server analysis, and the sheet we are currently building maps how often servers are meeting business SLAs in a calendar format (this is data for a new set of servers that are still in the testing phase, our success rate is usually better than this ):


      In order to get this coloring without purple in the middle (had to stick to the company color palette) and so that days without data appear white instead of red, we had to create a custom color palette which looks like this:


      The problem is that if a day falls between a 0.01% and 11.11% success rate, the coloring should obviously be the darkest red possible, but because of this scheme it appears white:


      We don't want to stop using the stepped color palette and go back to gradual because this would make those very poor days appear lighter than days at 15%-20% and that's very counter-intuitive. Is there any way to accomplish our goal without making a 10,000 step color palette to cover all values from 0.01% to 100%? If not, what's the best solution that people have found?