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    Updating .TDE while Tableau Desktop is open


      I would like to be able to update my .tde files using the extract API while my Tableau Desktop is open with a workbook that makes use of that TDE. The reason I need this is for iterative testing and visualization when using a pre-processing engine like Alteryx to clean and blend data going into Tableau. I would like to just be able to hit Refresh in Tableau and have changes in the data show up in the viz.


      This workflow tested ok on one of my win7 machines but errors due to file being open when tested on a different win7 machine. I need to close Tableau Desktop in order to get the .tde to be overwritten by my process.


      Any insight into what might be occurring? Would this work if I were accessing the .tde via a published connection from server? Is there a best practice for this type of workflow?