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    Remove "of date" text from date drilldown

    Kyle Lawrence

      This seems like a  really simple question but I can't figure out how to do it. Can the "of date" text in the date drill downs be removed from a chart such as a bar chart? See my screenshot below. The reason I want to do this is because it unnecessarily uses room on my dashboard.




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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Kyle Lawrence,


          There are two different suggestions that may work.


          1) expand the Header by selecting the line right below Quarter (or Year) of Date and dragging that down.  Then you can get the Header to Word Wrap taking up less horizontal space.


          2) Create a Date Dimension for the level of the view that will be used.  For instance, if the view will always be at the level of Quarter, create a calculation with the Dimension name of "Quarter" and set it to




          Drag the calculated field to the Rows shelf

          Set the field to 'Exact Date' from the drop down menu

          Set the field to 'Discrete'  (blue pill)

          and finally adjust the formatting to show "Q1", "Q2", etc..


          I have attached a sample workbook showing these options in the attached. 


          I hope this helps


          -- Patrick

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            Joe Oppelt

            I thought ALIAS would help, but I just went there, and you can't set ALIAS on that.  (Or at least, I couldn't!)


            But consider this:  Put the date on the COLUMNS shelf insteat of ROWS.  you'll see it behaves differently there, though if you absolutely have to have the dates vertically, that idea doesn't do you any good.

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              Kyle Lawrence

              Thanks for the solution Patrick.


              I had time to sit down and figure out my own solution just before you sent yours.


              I created three calculated fields, one for year, quarter, and month using the datepart function:


              datepart('year', [Date])

              datepart('quarter', [Date])

              datepart('month', [Date])


              I then created calculated fields to transform the numbers for quarters and months into strings such as Q1 and the month names...I wasn't sure how else to do it but I achieved my goal:


              if [Date_Quarter]=1 then "Q1"

              elseif [Date_Quarter]=2 then "Q2"

              elseif [Date_Quarter]=3 then "Q3"

              elseif [Date_Quarter]=4 then "Q4"





              if[Date_Month]=1 then "January"

              elseif [Date_Month]=2 then "February"


              elseif [Date_Month]=12 then "December"



              I then created a hierarchy with my new year, quarter, and month calculated fields. This has saved me a lot of room on my dashboard and looks and functions great.

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                Patrick Van Der Hyde



                That works too.  As you have discovered.  There are plenty of ways to peel the onion, so to speak, in Tableau. 


                Note that the method I utilized in the example allows you to set the formatting of Q1.. Q4 without having to create unique values in a calculated field but that's a pretty minor thing with such a small calculated field. 


                -- Patrick