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    Reset filter actions on hierarchy

    Indre White

      I am using tableau 8.2 . I   having problems resetting filtered data back to all not filtered.  I have a hierarchy created by department level , then by question, and then by sub-question.  So- When I show on dashboard , and drill down by question level and double click to see only relevant data for that sub question , I cannot go back to previous view with all questions ( unless I click go back button on tableau ) .

      So, I am stuck on that question that I drilled down to without ability to reset to view with all questions.

      Is there a way to refresh the sheet to show all questions together as previous view before drill down?

      I could use quick filter option - to show only ALL values , but I have more than 50 questions , and it does not look nice to add it on dashboard with all the questions inside quick filter.

      Is there an easier way to refresh the view ?


      I appreciate help on this. Thank you so much!