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    TabCmd twbx get from Tableau Online always results in a twb download

    Richard Cox

      We have a tableau online account with multiple workbooks containing multiple charts. All workbooks reference data extracts hosted in tableau online. We'd like to download a twbx version of these workbooks using the tableau command line tool (version in use is 8.2). When attempting this with the following command (after starting a session)...


      java -jar tabcmd.jar get "/workbooks/ServiceStatus.twbx" -f "serviceStatus.twbx"


      we receive a file that's binary comparable with the following


      java -jar tabcmd.jar get "/workbooks/ServiceStatus.twb" -f "serviceStatus.twb"


      The documentation for get states


      "A workbook can be returned as a TWB or TWBX. To figure out the correct extension to use, you can use a web browser to navigate to the item you’re interested in on Tableau Server and add the file extension to the end of the URL. "


      When attempting this using...




      the file provided to download contains the twb extension, not twbx.


      I've had a look at the permissions of the user which created the tabcmd session and they have the 'Download/web Save As' permission (user is an Administrator). Are there any other permissions that's required? What's causing twbx files to be downloaded as twb, could it be something do to with the workbook using an external (hosted in tableau online) data extract instead of one packaged within?