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    Line to show how many days the item is been pending

    Karthik Venkatraman

      Hi All,


      I am creating a chart for a service center example. There will be products coming for service and there will be a start date and end date for the product to get serviced. Say if the product comes for a service on 5th of the month, it will be allocated 10 days to get serviced. So within 15th the product needs to be serviced.


      I am creating a chart for this. The chart will be having days from 1 to 10 in the x axis and Product names in the Y axis. The start date and the end date of that product needs to be plotted in the chart by means of line. I dont know how to do this in tableau.


      I have attached a sample excel sheet and the chart that I need as a screenshot.


      Can anyone help me in this? Thanks in advance for your help.