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    Need help for Top 10 Customers

    Karthik Venkatraman



      I am learning tableau and I came across one question. I am creating a visualization to show top 10 regions based on the sold count of a product. I use two data namely region and product. There will be five products and the regions will sell these products. So I have to show the total count of the products sold in region based on top 10.


      The top 10 must be in a way that, I will have a slider that will start from count 10 till 50 moving in a step of 10. So it will be 10, 20, 30 , 40 and 50. When I move the slider the viz needs to show the top regions based on the count. I have created this and when I move the slider I am able to show values based on the slider parameter. When I move the slider to 20, is showing top 20 regions. when I move it to 30, it shows top 30 regions.


      But I need a small modification in this. Its like when I move the slider parameter control, I dont need the top 20 regions, I need the regions from top 11 to 20 instead of top 20. So the first top 10 regions needs to be neglected and regions from 11 to 20 needs to be displayed in the chart. Likewise when I move the slider to 30, i need to show regions from 21 to 30 based on the count of sold product.


      Can anyone please help me in this? I tried a lot but unable to do this.