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    check users

    praveen p

      Hi All,


      Can someone please help to find users who are using same channel to book orders


      In our environment user book orders from two channels mobile and web


      Now we have new applications added as channel (iphone and android) in our database


      So Now i would like to know users who have booked orders using new channel iphone and web are the same users who booked orders from mobile and web


      The workbook I am attached does contain only sample data and does not have new applications added


      Hence we can use the existing channels mobile and web to see who are the users using both the channels




      I think may be this can be achieved using Lookup function or isnull but was unable to figure out how


      Can some one please help me on this


      Thanks in advance




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          Matt Lutton

          What are you hoping to achieve as a final result? 

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            Matt Lutton

            I've updated your workbook, changed the view layout a bit, and included a "Workout View" sheet and a "Count of Channels-Final Result" sheet.  The first shows how I got the results, by editing your "new?" calculation, and verifying this with my "Counts" calculation.  The basic premise is a table calculation of:


            if WINDOW_sum(countd([channel]))>=2 then 'new' else 'not new' end


            With a compute using on [emailid], then [channel], restarting every [emailid]


            Hope this helps--let me know if this gets you on a path to success.  Cheers!

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              Keshia Rose

              Oh, I thought you were just looking to see who had used both mobile and web. (see attached)

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                Matt Lutton

                He is--I don't believe your solution works, but will wait to hear back from the OP to try and explain why.  If you look at the raw data and compare to your results, you'll see that there are some users not being included in your list--emailid 6manishv@gmail.com is the first example in the list.

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                  Keshia Rose

                  Oh I see what you mean, yeah I didn't think 6manishv@gmail.com's Web Mobile entry was supposed to be counted since "Number of Records" was null. I thought that meant that transaction wasn't completed or something. In that case then yes my example won't work.

                  EDIT: If I just changed [Number of Records] in my calculations to just be 1 I think it would produce the same list you got, right?

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                    praveen p

                    Thanks Matthew and Rose for your help.


                    We are almost there however was not the expected output


                    Problem might be that we have new fields recently added to the channel iphone and android


                    So I wish to see new users from android and iphone who are absolutely new and also who are coming either from mobile and web already existing channels


                    Now when I implement your suggestion I am getting new users and also users who have already used my old channels (web and mobile)


                    But the problem is when i select either 'new' or 'not new' from the filter i am getting new users as well as exisitng users combined


                    Please see the snapshots below


                    new.jpgnot new.jpg


                    I have attached the updated workbook with sample data


                    Also please suggest if we can project the data on a monthly basis who are completely new and who are from existing database





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                      Matt Lutton

                      I was not clear on your goal from your original post--I thought you simply needed to identify new users, based on the count of channels (using the two provided as an example). 


                      This is a different type of problem, and I'd need to think about how I'd want to approach it. Honestly, I don't think I have the time to focus on this right now so I'll let others play around with this and see what they come up with.

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                        Matt Lutton

                        Keshia Rose:


                        it looks like we both missed the mark on the overall goal here, but yes, I believe you are correct -- changing to 1s in your calculations would result in the same list I had.

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                          praveen p

                          Thanks Matthew for the reply


                          At least we are near to the solution.


                          I will wait for some input's from the experts while in the mean time will do some search on this if I can find out something on this

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                            Keshia Rose

                            I agree with Matthew, I definitely did not get that from the original post. So just to clarify, are you trying to find the people who have use both of the new channels and also used both of the old channels? Honestly, I'm still not sure if I get it!

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                              praveen p

                              Sorry if I was not clear


                              I would like to see New Vs Old


                              New would be users who started using iphone and anroid as channels


                              Ex: From the screenshot 'new' attached earlier we have sum of count(emailid) as 13

                                   and for iphone we have 20


                              Old users would be users who are who started using iphone and android as channel who are already present in the database (may be they are either using mobile (or) web as channels)


                              Ex: From the screenshot 'not new' the sum of (count(emailid) should be 22

                                    and for iphone we have 13


                              wish you can help me to achieve this




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                                Keshia Rose

                                So something like this?


                                New User.PNG

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                                  praveen p

                                  Absolutely yes Rose that is what I am looking for


                                  Apologize for making you do some extra work


                                  Thanks for all your efforts

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                                    Keshia Rose

                                    Ok so maybe this will work for you? (attached)


                                    Note: I've filtered on a few people just to quickly demonstrate the calculation.

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