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    Limiting certain users to see ALL records

    Joe Oppelt

      I have several filters that are displayed to users.  I have been tasked with limiting what certain users can select.


      For one filter it's easy.  Certain users should only see a certain subset, and off the SERVER pulldown I'll just add a filter so that they only get what they're allowed to see.  Straightforward, that one.



      But I can't figure out another requirement.  Those same users should be forced to see ALL records for a particular filter.  The field in the data source is binary, and I need to prevent them from selecting values.  They have to take all records.  But an elite set of users should be allowed to select some-or-all on the filter.


      We have these people separated into a special group (which is how I'll do the first requirement described above.)  Is there a way I can see which user group a particular user is in from a calc field?  If so, I can hide/display the filter for the second requirement.  (See the threads about hiding/displaying parameters, legends, etc.)


      If I can't make that determination in a calc field, does anyone have ideas about how I can force some users to see all records, and allow others to filter on a particular field?