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    YoY Growth Calculation Not Working on Weekly Purchases Data

    Michael Stitt

      I've attached a .tbwx file with the data I'm referring to.  I have data on the number of purchases for a given week.  I'd like to look at the number of purchases, as well as the YoY % change (compared to the same week in the prior year).  I'd like the number of occurrences to appear as a bar chart on the left axis, and the YoY % change as a line on the right axis.


      It's very easy to do within Excel - I simply build another column with the YoY calculation, move it to the secondary axis, and then change it to a line (picture attached).  I can't figure out how to replicate this in Tableau, and I haven't had any luck searching in Google, nor the Tableau forums. 


      My data has a row for each week, would it be easier to do if my data was more granular (by day) or less (by month/year)?


      I noticed the Quick Table Calculation won't allow me to choose Year over Year Growth.  Is there any way to get the YoY Growth mapped on top of the current year's numbers?  If so, I'd love to know how to do it.  Thanks for your help!