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    How to use filters to show and hide 2 sheets at a time on dashboard?

    Indre White

      Hello , I am having a problem showing and hiding sheets on dashboard. I saw some posts how to create parameter to show one sheet at a time. But my problem is, I need to show 2 sheets or hide both sheets based on selection .   I have a field that has  2 values , so my selection needs to be based on one value at a time, or both together (combined ) or separate comparison. 

      I need to see all records for public and private hospitals together , then private separate , then public separate , and also private and public next to each other . And I have 2 kinds of patients to show separately , So I have 4 sheets reflecting that form one data source.  So, when I select only public and  only private option ( the 2 sheets that have public+private are hidden from view ) .

      I know Tableau does not have multivalue parameter for that , and all option allows me to show one view of both hospitals together ).


      I want to be able to use filter for this , so when I select private hospital ( i only see 2 sheets with private hospital info ) , and if I select all - I can see 4 sheets , private& public  (for 2 categories ) comparison , and private+public ( 2 aggregate calculations without splitting by type) .


      Could somebody help with ideas ? Thank you so much !