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    Is this possible in Tableau ? Scatter plot with filters



      I have a requirement as below.


      Am showing 3 drop downs at the top, namely: Product Category, Product Sub Category and Product Name.

      I have these as cascading filters.


      Am viewing Profit and Sales measures on a scatter plot.


      Please find the attached workbook showing the above.


      Now my requirement is to show Product Sub Categories on the plot for a selected Product Category. (But the problem is the plot is displaying data only when i select the product name too from third drop down)

      So when i select options from all the 3 drop downs only then the scatter plot is displaying . what i need is when i select any  level, the scatter plot must display only its next level data.

      for Ex: from the Prod Category when i select Furniture, the scatter plot should show only Sub Categories belonging to Furniture category on the scatter plot.

      and then when i select any of the sub category from drop down then all the products falling under the selected sub cat must be plotted on the scatter plot.