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    dashboard navigation without adding column to data source

    Harley Ellenberger

      In attached workbook I have a Welcome page.  On the welcome page I have two filter actions that allow navigation to other dashboards.  I created those filter actions by creating a calculated field with a simple text string for each one.  I then have individual worksheets for each one where I place the calculated field on the text shelf and use blue underline font.  I then place those worksheets on my Welcome page and set the filter actions.


      I notice that those calculated fields add a new column in my data source and the data is repeated for each row in the source....Screenshot-2014-06-24_20.28.34.jpg


      Is there any way to achieve the same result without having those columns added to my data source?  In my actual use case, I have about a dozen columns that are being created this way and I'm concerned that it could be detrimental to the speed/performance of my worksheets and dashboards.