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    Custom Format Decimal based on data

    Heather Fingalson

      I'm looking to format a number field based on the size of the data.

      For larger numbers (over 10) I don't want to show a decimal place. for numbers less than 10 and greater than 1 I want to show only one decimal place and for numbers less than one I want to show 2 decimal places.



      150.92 would show 151

      5.92 would show 5.9

      0.92 would show 0.92


      in excel I would use a conditional format

      [<1]0.00; [<10]0.0, 0


      This doesn't work in tableau.


      I also tried a calculated field that rounded the values


      if sum([NUMBER] )<1 then round(sum([NUMBER] ),2)

      elseif sum([NUMBER] )<10 then round(sum([NUMBER] ),1)

      else round(sum([NUMBER] ),0)



      then entered a custom format of  #,##0.##

      It almost worked,

      but for whole numbers, it's showing the decimal. example 150.92 shows as  151.


      Any Ideas how to get it to work?