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    How to create 2 lines (or columns) from same measure and different filters

    Lisa Kaplan

      I want to create a chart showing 2 lines or bars:


      1) All defects logged (running total)

      2) Defects closed (running total)

      3)  Might even be nice to add 3rd line Defects open (running total)


      In the dimension, I have a date value

      In the measure, I have status


      Status consists of Assigned, Closed, Open, Fixed, New, Deferred


      I'd like to show the following and be able to filter these values i.e. unclick deferred and assigned and see updated counts:


      Line 1 - Status: All (running total)

      Line 2 - Status Closed, Deferred (running total)

      Line 3 - Open, Fixed, Assigned (running total)


      I haven't been able to figure out how to use Status for 3 different measures and filters in the same table.  I'd appreciate your help.


      I created a Status(group) but I can't move it from Dimension to Measure or use Quick Calculations.


      See screen shot of chart with just closed status line.