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    A better pie chart?

    Nikki Currier

      Looking to see if there is a way to create this variation on a circle graph in Tableau? It is essentially a curved bar chart, but could be a modification of a pie chart as well. TIA.

      Comparison Circle Graph.JPG

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          Noah Salvaterra

          Strictly speaking, if you're looking to communicate your data clearly, you might be better served with a bar chart.

          Now, with that caveat in place, I can tell you this isn't something you could do out of the box (as in a quick click without any reshaping or augmenting of your data), but you could create it with polygons along with a bit of effort and a bit of trigonometry.


          Here is an example of a somewhat more sophisticated polygon plot from a recent blog post of mine:


          This definitely isn't out of the box Tableau.