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    System DSNs not Working

    Saurabh D



      I'm using to connect to my datasource using a System DSNs in Tableau. Here are the versions I'm using:


      - Tableau Desktop 8.1 (64bit)

      - Windows 8 (64bit)


      I've tried creating both 32 bit and 64 bit systems DSN but I'm unable to connect to my source:


      1. When I create a 64 bit System DSN it throws me the following error: The specified DSN contains and architecture mismatch between the Driver and Application




      2. The 32 bit connection is not even shown in the drop-down list of connections. So, I'm not able to use it.


      Step 1: 32 Bit connection Created called connection-6-32bit as shown in the figure below




      Step: 2 Connection not been shown in the drop-down list




      Please suggest how could i get this connection working.