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    Flights Dataset available!

    Joao Correia



      I've setup a database with the flights dataset. Please email me at jcorreia@blastam.com and I'll send you the database connection details. I think this is a great starting point for joint Tableau exploration as long as everyone is familiarized with the dataset.


      Notice this is running on MySQL, which is not a columnar database so its kind of slow. If we get enough use we'll move it to RedShift!



      Joao Correia

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          Scott Gordinier

          Hi Joao,

          I'm wondering if there's an optimal way to get us to meet to do this sort of thing....informally maybe, or setting up a standing meeting for people to move in an out of. Perhaps even teleconferencing. You guys have done a great job reaching out. I sometimes worry that without prodding or connection that we aren't going to continue moving. I'm personally motivated, but if I don't have an easy way to connect or a schedule, even I won't keep up.