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    Can't get a basic histogram visualization to work

    Martin H.

      Hi Folks,

      I have a situation that is giving me hard time, help is appreciated:


      I have some source data as follows, need to create a histogram out of it that shows the number of employees in specific performance band based on their achievement against plan:


      I have 4 performance bands: "<25%", "25-75%","75-100%" and ">100%" that need to be calculated on the average of Ach% per employee. My formula is:


      //Custom bands calculation

      IF (AVG([Ach%]) <25) THEN '<25%'

      ELSEIF (AVG([Ach%]) <75) THEN '25%-75%'

      ELSEIF (AVG([Ach%]) <100) THEN '75%-100%'

      ELSE '>100%'



      My desired output is as follows: [Broken image bug, see below replies]


      i.e. average the achievement by employee, total # of employees is 9 and the above correctly represents their performance distribution.


      The closest I am getting to this desired output is (can't get the # of employees on top of bars):


      [Broken image bug, see below replies]



      Lets assume that we can't have the banding as part of the data, and the calculation needs to take place in Tableau.