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    Identify users who haven't changed their password?

    Ben Sullins

      Does anyone know how I might be able to identify users that haven't changed their password? I'm doing an audit of our security now and can't seem to figure this one out...

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          Vyacheslav Fomenkov

          How about to force change passwords for all users throught some Tableau API ?

          Actually, I'm looking for this opportunaty at the moment, but didn't find anything yet.

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            Aaron Clancy

            Do you have their original passwords stored somewhere? When you created their account did you auto generate them or did you use some sort of canned password?

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              Aaron Clancy

              If you created the same initial password for all new users then you could do something like the following:

              I created a batch script that attempts to login with every user in my Tableau Server.


              It reads from a file I called users.txt.     This file is a dump I created with each line being a Tableau Server username.

              looks like this:






              Here is the batch code (make sure you save it in the same directory as the users.txt file):

              :: ***********************************************

              echo start check

              echo beginning of file > test.txt

              for /f "delims=" %%i in (users.txt) do tabcmd login -s http://youtableauserver -u %%i -p yourpassword >>test.txt & echo. >> test.txt & tabcmd logout


              :: ************************************************

              Make sure you have Tableau Server's bin directory in your Environment Variables PATH so that you can call tabcmd directly.

              If you are doing this from any other machine than the Tableau Server you'll need tabcmd.exe on that box.

              *Make sure the "for" section is all one line  (in the above it got separated out in to two lines)


              This will iterate through your user list, attempt to login, and then write the results to a file called test.txt.

              All the ones where the password still worked will have a "Login Succeeded" at the end of the line.



              If the users had varying passwords and you know what they're supposed to be then you could apply logic that accounts for that in the above approach.