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    Filtering Two Tables Using Color Legend

    Derek Duncan


      I have two tables on my dashboard. One is a stacked bar chart color coded based on sub category and the other is a bar chart based on a different sub-category. Currently I have it working so that I have a filter on the side of the dashboard that is a multi-list that when I select the sub-category that the top chart uses it changed to only show the information that corresponds to that category on both charts and then I have a color legend for the top chart. I am attempting to find a way so when I click on the a category in the color legend it not only highlights the information on the top chart but changes the bottom chart to correspond to only data with that subcategory. So basically I want to take the functionality of the filter I am currently using and combine that with the color legend. Any help would be much appreciated!!



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          Aaron Clancy

          You can create a "color" sheet that mimics your legend.  This would be your action sheet on a dashboard with a highlight action for your first sheet and a filter action for your second sheet.  I can attach a workbook displaying this if you'd like.  If you understand the core concepts and don't need this let me know.

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            Derek Duncan

            I actually figured this out before your post but I did it exactly the same way! Thank you!

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              Derek Duncan

              In case anyone is interested these are the steps I used.

              1. Create new sheet called "Sheet 3".

              2. Dragged my sub-category into the main view box and then dragged the same sub-category into the color marks box.

              3. Inverted the axis using the top toolbar to make it the orientation I liked.

              4. Dragged it out long ways to that when in the dashboard it will take up the entire length in between two sheets.

              5. Placed "Sheet 3" where I wanted on the dashboard

              6. Created an action filter, where the source sheet is "Sheet 3" and the target sheets are the other two sheets on the dashboard so that the other two do not effect "Sheet 3"


              I hope that makes sense, if not just message me and I can explain.

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