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    sort choices on quick filter

    Doug Mathieu

      Hello.  Is there a way to sort choices on a quick filter? Currently it sorts alphabetically but I want to do a manual sort, as I would with a color legend.  In my current situation, I have a number of status choices that are colors (spelled out).  They are sorting alphabetically in the quick filter as Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow.  I want Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red.


      Other than putting numbers in front of each of them (1 Green, 2 Blue, 3 Yellow, 4 Orange, 5 Red), is there a way to manually sort selections on a quick filter?   Thanks!



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          Jeff Strauss

          Try this.  Within your worksheet, to have a quick filter, you need to have the dimension on the filters shelf.  Within the filters shelf, click on the field, hit the down arrow, click sort, and then do it manually.

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            Matt Lutton

            I believe if you set the "default sort" in the Data Window (where your dimensions/measures/sets, etc.) are listed before using it in the view, they will take on the default sort you set.  That's a right click option in the data window on a dimension.  However, that will obviously sort the dimension in that order whenever its used in a view as well, and I'm not sure thats what you want--Jeff's solution should only apply to that filter, I believe, so that may be the best route for you.


            Another option is to create a parameter from the field's values, and list them out in whatever order you want--but that has all the limitations of parameters (single select, static, etc.)  Cheers!

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              Doug Mathieu

              Thanks Jeff.  Interestingly, sorting the dimension manually in the filters section had no effect on the quick-filter sort.  Even after deleting the quick filter and adding the dimension over again, sorting in the filters section, and then creating the quick filter, it didn't work. It should have gosh darn it!

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                Doug Mathieu

                Thanks Matthew!  It worked to modify the default sorting manually in the dimensions area. You saved me a lot of time trying to figure this out or worse yet modifying the original data with numbers. 

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                  Manisha Pal


                  I faced the same issue some time back

                  Yes we do have solution for this



                  1)Go to Sheet

                  2)Select the attribute (dimension ,measure.. ) ->right click->default properties->Sort

                  3)Select Sort by ->Manual

                  4)select and use up and down button at right hand

                  5)Say ok


                  You are all set