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    Canvas VF Page - spinning on Tableau Server login screen




      I have made it through all of the instructions and I am stuck at the very end. The sparkler app is alive, I can see the user variables in the canvas app previewer, I have published the sample workbooks to our server, and created the VF page, but when I preview the VF page I get our Tableau Server login screen with spinning dots that never stop. (See below) VF Page code below also.


      I do not have SAML setup yet. I wanted to get the canvas app running before setting up SAML.


      Why do I get to the login screen, but with spinning dots? It does not make sense. Do you have to use SAML or Trusted Authentication with Tableau Server? 


      Thanks in advance,





      <apex:page >

      <apex:canvasApp applicationName="Sparkler"





              'ts.javascriptLib': 'https://analytics.seahorce.com/javascripts/api/viz_v1.js',

              'ts.height': '636',

              'ts.width': '804',

              'ts.hostUrl': 'https://analytics.seahorce.com',

              'ts.siteRoot': '',

              'ts.name': 'Accounts_Dashboard/MyAccounts',

              'ts.tabs': 'yes',

              'ts.toolbar': 'yes'

          }" />