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    Sparkler app - DNS error

    Bill Faley

      Along similar lines to Mauricio's question re: "App not displaying 'I'm Alive'", the issue I am experiencing is that I can get the app to respond with "I'm Alive" via browser test, but when I try the Sparkler app preview, I receive an error: "Unable to resolve server's DNS address".


      The error is occurring at Step 13 in the Sparkler Canvas documentation PDF.


      "13. Select Sparkler - A listing of Canvas user variables that can be used for embedding is displayed. If an error or nothing is displayed in the browser, go back and verify that the Heroku app is up and running. Verify that the SPARKLER_CONSUMER_SECRET is properly set, and that the settings that were set when you created the Sparkler Connected App in Salesforce are correct."


      Instead of trying to connect to Tableau Server, I am trying to connect to Tableau Online. Is it possible for Sparkler to work with Tableau Online?


      I have checked the other troubleshooting suggestions in this forum (e.g. Google Chrome, Cookies enabled, Javascript) and nothing seems to be out of the ordinary. Below are the config vars from Heroku







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          Hi Bill,


          Regarding the canvas app previewer page, are you referencing the sparkler heroku application in the url and not the tableau server url? 


          You can integrate with Tableau Online.  Just note that you will be prompted with a login page since there is no SSO option at this time. 


          Looking at your heroku variables, you will need to change the TABLEAU_SITE_ROOT to match your site.  You can easily find your site based on the url of your workbook which starts with /t/{SITE_NAME}.  Also note it's case sensitive so it's possible the url which reflects your site may not be referenced correctly.  I usually like to stick to lower case to prevent these sort of issues.  Hope this helps.

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            Bill Faley

            Thank you! It works now. The errors came from


            1) incorrect TABLEAU_SITE_ROOT. As you mentioned, I changed it to t/{sitename}

            2) incorrect Canvas App URL. When referencing the documentation, the app name variable in https://{HEROKU_APP}/sfdc/canvas needed to be -- at least in my case -- in the form of "https://myapp.herokupapp.com/sfdc/canvas". I had only put in "https://myapp/sfdc/canvas"

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              Glad to hear.  Thank you for the feedback.  I will update the documentation.