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    Creating an event calendar

    Vang Xiong

      Hi. I am trying to build an event calendar in Tableau base on the tutorial here, VizWiz: Creating an interactive monthly calendar in Tableau is easier than you might think - Data Visualization Done Rig…


      I am using two data sources, one is simply dates (date) for May and the other contains Events (event_type, event_name and event_date).


      Following the tutorial by creating a dates data source and setting it as the primary then adding my actual event data source as a secondary and blending, I am able to create the calendar with one event per date. However, when there is more than one event for the same date, I get an asterisk. From my research this is due to data blending and aggregates. Can this be worked around with a calculated field?


      Alternatively, when I switch things around and use my event data as the primary, I am able to see two events per date, but dates with no data are empty and the formatting for calendar gets a messed up when I want to add color coded shapes.


      Any input, ideas from the community on this would be great.


      Attached is a sample project and datasource. You can see what I am ultimately looking to create below: