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    Renaming field labels

    Khoa Nguyen

      How do I rename field labels?  I *don't want* it to say "Month, Day, Year of..." "Day of...", etc. for me.



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          Ville Tyrväinen

          You can edit aliases:



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            Khoa Nguyen

            I don't see such a choice...  To be clear, I don't want it to say "Day of etc...".  I simply want it to say the name of the field from my SQL query.



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              Tom W

              Ville's response above is specifically talking about the header of the column, while in your screenshot you've right clicked the actual dimension.

              If you want to rename the column name on the report, follow Ville's response.


              If you want to 'rename' the dimension as per the selection you've made in your screenshot - This is a date field, so it's showing Day( before hand because Tableau is applying a specific Format to that date field. This gives you the show it as a month, year, day etc. You cannot remove this text if you wish to utilize the display format, but you can remove it and show the absolute date as per the database by selecting Attribute or Exact Date on the menu.

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                MANOJ PRABHAKAR

                Hi @KHOA NGUYEN did you get an correct answer for this query.after 3 years..I have an same request now but want to show count of quantity as just Quantity

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                  Michael Hesser

                  MANOJ PRABHAKAR


                  You might try this option:

                  1. Make sure you have the calc you want displaying in the Columns or Rows.
                  2. Create a new calculation
                  3. DRAG and DROP the calc from Columns or Rows into the new calculation
                  4. Name the calculation how you'd like it to appear on your visualization
                  5. Replace the calc in Columns or Rows with your newly created calc. NOTE: You may need to change the calc properties (such as changing it to Discreet) to get it to display just right.


                  As an example: following these steps I'm able to rename "Number of Records" on my worksheet to "Tickets," which makes much more sense to the user.


                  Good luck! --Michael

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                    Aishwarya Sawant

                    Try to click the down arrow in the column/row shelf for the date field and select the exact data. That would rename the column header.