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    My continuous date filter is not including values selected - why?

    Devin Rahn

      I have a crosstab that displays a list of survey responses based on various filters (customer type, question, etc.). I have a Timestamp field (Date&Time, Continuous) which is when the survey was submitted. The Timestamp field has been set to Continuous on a Monthly basis. When I display the Quick Filter and set it to say, January 2014 through May 2014, I only get survey responses on the crosstab from February - May.


      Also, if I go to Edit Filter from the Quick Filter, I notice that the starting date  when I have January 2014 selected, seems to jump to a random date in the middle of the month, like 1/26/14 (date has varied).


      Is there a reason when I select "January 2014" as the month, it is not setting it to start on 1/1/14, and including all values with a Timestamp as of that date?


      If I switch to Continuous on a Daily basis, it appears to work correctly, where if I select a random date like 2/22/14, it will include values from that date. So the problem appears to be introduced when using it on a Monthly basis.



      Thanks for any thoughts you have!


      Devin Rahn